QualOT Hand Therapy - FOR INQUIRIES


Arthritis can come in many forms, and usually progresses gradually over time. Arthritis in the THUMB in the most common presentation and as the thumb is responsible for over 50% of the hands function it can have a significant impact on your every day life. There are many things that can be done to HELP with arthritis. Don't just put up with it!
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Sporting Injuries


Did you hurt your little finger at the game last night? Were you told its ‘JUST A LITTLE FINGER, THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO’? Well that little finger is the most important in completing a strong grip. As with each finger, they all have a vital role in our function. It’s NOT JUST A LITTLE FINGER, and there are MANY things that can be done to get you back out on the sporting field as soon as possible and PAIN FREE.

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Hand Trauma

From small fingertip fractures to major crush injuries, there are many soft tissue structures in the hand that need to be cared for in order to get you back to doing what you want to. Did you know the most COMPLEX joint in the body is in the hand? With an extensive knowledge of the anatomy of the hand, down to these most complex mechanisms we work with you, and medical teams if required to get you back doing the things you love.
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Elective Surgery


Trigger finger
Joint replacements in the fingers
CMCJ Thumb suspension arthroplasty
Dupuytrens Contracture
Wrist joint fusion
Wrist joint replacement
Nerve decompression surgery

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Nerve Injuries

Pins and needles, burning, sensitive, numbness, ‘funny feeling’, waking up at night… Are you feeling things that just don’t make sense? The nervous system of the upper limb is extremely intricate and there are multiple levels where a nerve can become compressed, entrapped or stretched. With an understanding of HOW the system works we can make sense of your symptoms and assist in improving your condition.
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Wrist Injuries


Does your wrist ache after work, or the gym? Does it feel a little floppy? Did you have a fall? Have you noticed your grip strength weakening? There is an extensive range of injuries that can occur at the wrist. Restricted wrist movement, and strength can have a devastating impact on your function. Don't leave it to GET BETTER ON ITS OWN.

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Many of the muscles that move the hand originate from the elbow. The hand and elbow are closely related and that is why our specific knowledge and skills allow us to assess and manage injuries of the elbow.
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If you are in an unfortunate position to have suffered a burn injury to your upper limb, we are able to work closely with your specialists and GP to continue your wound, scar and exercise programs locally. We are also able to measure and prescribe compression garments as required.

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Scar Management

Did you know a scar could continue to change for up to TWO YEARS after your injury? There is no need to settle for a raised, red, or sensitive scar. Scar tissue does not limit itself to the skin. There is much more to your scar than meets the eye. In the hand, a small amount of scar adhesion can result in a large loss of motion, strength, and functional capacity. With our increased understanding of the scarring process we can guide your scar formation towards a soft, pale, flat, and mobile scar. Even though we specialise in the upper limb, our knowledge in wound healing, scar formation, and skin maturation allow us to transfer these principles to the rest of the body.
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Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome


PAIN, COLOUR CHANGES, SWEATING, SWELLING, DIFFICULTY USING YOUR HAND and MANY MORE… CRPS is a syndrome that can have a significant impact on your rehabilitation and cause ongoing issues if not treated appropriately. Being proactive with this type of syndrome is paramount..

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Taking our specialised knowledge of the anatomy in the hand, we can assist in improving grip style, strength, endurance, and stability across a large range of clientele from children right through to adults with painful arthritis. HANDWRITING DOESN’T NEED TO BE HARD.
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Congenital Conditions


There are many out there who were born with a unique set of hands, unlike anyone else’s. Many have an extra finger, are missing bones, or maybe you have one forearm bone longer than the other? Due to compensatory techniques we use to get by, we can end up with aches and pains limiting our function.


We can advise you on the ways to help you get the best out of your hands.

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Stroke Rehabilitation

Our hand is very important for function and after a stroke you may be left with decreased movement, poor strength, or you may not even be able to use your upper limb. As long as you are motivated to make improvements, we can work with you to relearn how to turn those muscles on and take CONTROL of your arm.
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Neurological Conditions


Cerebral Palsy, Motor Neuron Disease, and Multiple Sclerosis are all conditions affecting the way we MOVE. Many will think there is not much that can be done. However with our unique skill set of ‘INDIVIDUALISED SPLINTING’ and knowledge of the biomechanics underlying your muscular imbalances we can assist in maintaining movement, preventing contractures and improving your quality of living.

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Difficulty with Activities of Daily Living

Does you thumb ache when you open that jar? Do you get pain at your elbow after tennis? Or does your wrist ache after you have been typing all day at work? With a background in OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY, we are trained to think about everyday function. We analyse your activities, and break them down to get to the real problem. Then not only do we have exercises and splinting to assist, we also have a HUGE COLLECTION OF GADGETS we can suggest and let you trial to make life that little bit easier.
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